Case Study 2 : New Business Manager

Name: Preet Legha

Organisation: Newlon Housing Trust 

Age: 34 

So, what do you actually do? 

The treasury department is responsible for all the funding for Newlon. This includes; approaching banks to give us loans, drawing money from those loans when we need it; investing profits; and managing bank accounts and petty cash.  

Did you need any specific training or qualification?  

Yes, I am a qualified accountant and a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). I have more than seven years' experience in the private and public sector. An accountancy or treasury qualification will help in getting this job. 

What does your typical day involve? 

Every day is very different but it can involve talking with banks about new or current loans, preparing and reviewing cash flows; managing staff time; preparing business plans for the finance director; or attending meetings and seminars. 

I work very closely with the finance director and our development team who are responsible for developing new social housing units. 

What kind of personality is best suited to working in a job like yours? 

The job involves a lot of contact with people at all levels so this job would suit someone with a confident personality with good organisational skills who is not afraid to deal with large amounts of money. 

What are the most challenging aspects of your job? 

Managing staff, preparing reports and business plans to tight deadlines and making quick decisions regarding large sums of money. 

What scope for career progression is there in your field? 

With hard work and ambition, the finance field can lead to careers as finance managers, directors and even as a chief executive. The current chief executive for Newlon Housing Trust is a qualified accountant. 

Any top tips for someone wanting to get into this work? 

You must have a proactive attitude. Enthusiasm, ambition, qualifications and a good understanding of numbers also helps!  

Newlon Housing Group

Tel: 0207 613 8000 

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