Building a Sustainable Future

Written by: Trina Wallace

A nod of the head. A blank expression.  

Just two reactions people working in housing might be faced with when asked what they do. They are pictured either knocking on doors demanding, in their gruffest voice, that tenants pay their rent; or on the phone for hours trying to find an emergency plumber for a flat's leaking toilet.  

Such stereotypes mask a career that really is exciting, rewarding and diverse. 

In fact, people who work in housing may, amongst other things, offer advice to homeless people on how they can get off the streets; liaise with tenants on low incomes who are struggling to keep a roof over their head, or work with the probation service to help former-offenders find a secure place to live.  

Housing needs people with diverse skills

Some work closely with local authorities, contributing to planning and policy decisions about regional housing investment programmes; others with architects to plan and develop affordable, but homely, housing for nurses and teachers. 

In fact, whatever your skills, there's a place in the housing sector for you: finance, planning, graphic design, communications, management, social care, plumbing, building

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